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Social Media Impact & Rules

Dr. Rosenblatt’s Frogloop series on the Impact and Rules of social media gives a great idea of how to wrap your head around social media endeavors.  As you know, I already covered these posts in this blog post.

For this post, I’ve revisited both the blog posts and my original blog post to see what my thoughts are:

The impact post focuses mainly on Twitter.  I LOVE using so I was glad to see that there— I am always surprised at how many people have never heard of it. I am obviously familiar with hashtags, but this got me thinking about it— I feel like people are much more likely to use event-specific hashtags than general ones— simply because they forget.  For example, I tweeted #OgilvyExchg during a 2 hour long panel discussion probably like 10 times, but I don’t use #DC when I tweet about DC on a daily basis.

Per the post’s suggestion, I decided to try out My Tweeple.  I loved that it gave a very straightforward look at the influencers in my audience—sometimes visual depictions are confusing, especially for those not as familiar with social media.

I also learned alot from the Rules of Engagement post.  For example, I had no idea that alternative, niche #FollowFridays, like #ecomonday’s existed.  I like Twitter’s day-specific focuses, like #MeatlessMonday and definitely think that organizations should take part in them as much as possible.

I agreed with much in the post— I’ve always wondered why organizations still use when they could gather data from or links.


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