My Facebook Ads Experience

Tonight, I experimented with Facebook Ads.  I approached it as though I wanted to advertise this blog.

Here’s who I wanted to reach:

On these parameters, Facebook set a bid at $1.56 per click, and here is how my ad came out:

Some observations:

  • Wow- you can target people on their birthdays? Genius!
  • I can think of some interesting ads for Valentine’s Day based on the option to choose people single, married, in relationships, etc.
  • Never knew that you could target people based on their sexual preference.
  • Picture size is tiny! It was hard to limit the detail on the picture.

Those these options only take up a short web page, my mind was spinning at the options.  Now the new Facebook pages make sense to me— linking directly to specific television shows, bands, media outlets, and other interests allows for much more direct targeting and segmentation.

I was very surprised at the ease of use for Facebook ads— it literally took me about ten minutes to do everything except pay for this ad.  Of course, a real ad would require a bit more thinking, but Facebook is smart to have such a low barrier of entry for their ad service.  I’d be interested to see what their metrics dashboard looks like after buying the ad!



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