Tweeting on the Hill

Last week, Twitter was abuzz with, you guessed it, an article about Twitter.  The New York Times had a very interesting piece about Adam Sharp, Twitter’s newest employee and Capitol Hill’s first-ever Twitter liaison.

Twitter, as a Helpmate, Goes to Capitol Hill

The New York Times, By Ashley Parker, January 29, 2011

The article provides great insight into the Hill’s embracing of Twitter and social and digital media as a whole.  What I liked most about the article is that it is not just about Sharp encouraging Congresspeople to tweet- it’s about increasing the amount of relevant, useful, interesting content that Congresspeople tweet.

As a follow up, Sen. Claire McCaskill’s Tumblr post  about why she probably doesn’t follow you on Twitter is a great peek at how Congresspeople actually view Twitter.  To her, Twitter is the closest to two-way communication she can have without holding daily town hall meetings.

Twitter has increased drastically on the Hill- and will continue.  It will be interesting to see how Sharp increases not just the adaptation of Twitter, but the quality and amount of content actually tweeted.


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